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21Are We There Yet?Mays4Details
22Artemis and ApolloRichards4Details
23Artist's Rightful...Nelson4-5Details
24Artistry In Percu...Rugolo4-5Details
25Artistry In Rhyth...Kenton5Details
26Artistry JumpsKenton5Details
27At First LightRowe2Details
29Awakening, TheMetheny/Mays5Details
30Bach's LunchHooper4Details
31Back In Blue OrleansHooper4-5Details
32Back WoodsNelson4-5Details
33Badger BluesCurnow4Details
34Bali Hai4Details
35Ballad for BennyNelson3-4Details
36Bari Things You D...Keezer3-4Details
37Bary Me NotHolman4-5Details
38Basie EyesRogers3Details
39Basie's BarbequeSlavo2-3Details
40Begin the Beguine4-5Details